Some parts of this website are yet to be finished, and as it is not yet a webshop please feel free to contact me about any piece of jewellery you see in my gallery for more detail. 


It all started when…

It all started when I was studying art and design at a college in Oxford, England. I wasn't the ideal pupil and I enjoyed the freedom that this college presented me with. That all changed when finally the metalwork class came into the orientation, I wasn't late. I was on time, eager to work and learn the new technique that we would be taught that day. I found straight away my passion for metal. I started that course determined to end up studying fine arts and painting in oils. It makes me chuckle now thinking back to how it all began, but the story continues over the sea in the Netherlands. 

This is where I am now based and where I studied to become a goldsmith.  


I make handmade bespoke jewellery. I also offer to teach people how to make their own jewellery in the workshops that I offer. Please check out the rest of my website for further information on the services I offer.